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Posted By on Jun 21, 2017

SEO or Search Engine Optimization has now become the new form of marketing, online marketing as opposed to the more traditional offline marketing life adverts in the newspapers or commercials on the TV. Online marketing, like offline marketing is though about getting more people to know about a business and what it can provide in the way of products or services and so SEO, by attracting more visitors to a business’s website, achieves that. A website today acts as a shop’s shop window did in the past but instead of just advertising what is inside to people that pass, a website has the potential to show anyone on the internet what that website has to offer.

SEO is best applied to websites by SEO professionals like those at as when they are, they are then the most effective and efficient in attracting visitors to a business’s website. SEO specialists usually are also experts at website design and development and so can be the solution to all of a business’s online marketing needs. To be most effective a website must first and perhaps foremost be of high quality as visitors to sites do not want to have to struggle trying to understand bad grammar or trying to find their way around a badly organized website. A well designed and laid out website is therefore essential as is high quality content, an easy to follow site map and a page providing contact details.

Once the quality website has been created, the next step is to encourage people to visit the site and that is most usually achieved through the use of keywords strategically placed throughout the website’s content. The keywords come into play anytime a relevant search is made online as they draw the search engine’s attention to the site and the engine then places that site at the top of its list of results. Being at the top of this list is important as usually only the first few sites on the list are ever looked at and the list could contain literally thousands of websites, the vast majority of which may never be seen when online searches are initiated.

SEO strategies like back linking and PPC advertising can also attract visitors to a website even if they are just browsing the web and not actively searching for something in particular. Obviously with PPC advertising a visitor will visit a website when they click on the advert and that is similar with back linking but a back link is not placed on a host site as an advert, merely as a link that the visitor may be interested in seeing. For that reason back links are usually placed on host sites that have similar interests to the site to which the link is for. For the best results of course, as well as having similar interests to the linked site, the more popular the host site is, the more people are likely to use the link and go as directed.

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